Name: Fabrizio Dieci
Country: Italy
Exhibition: Exhibitions in different partt of the word! since 1988 in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Hungary, Japan Argentina, Israel Lebanon, Taiwan China, Syria, Turkey, Emirates
2004 GeNova 04 European Capital of Culture Star palace "Satura", (Genova, Italy)
2003 exchange area Juming Museum, (Chin Shan, Taiwan)
2000 Lapidarium,Tianijn, Balaton Lake (Hungary)
1998 Ducal Palace Atri(Teramo, Italy)
1997 diNisio's Studio Gallery(Pescara, Italy)
- Atri City, 'Belvedere' Park, -Budduso City, - Hall Plaza,Cagliari City, - Pirri Department, -Caorle City, Venice, - Cavaion Veronese City, Verona, -Museum of Black Slidestone, Val Fontanabuona, Genova, - Pescocostanzo City, Park, - San Salvo City, - Teulada City, City Hall Plaza Italy.
- Kemiarvj City, Finland, -Clinic DeMeyere, Gent, Belgium, - Montbrison City, France. - Teruel,Park Museum 'HinojosadeJarque, -TudelaDe Duero, Spain. - Veszprem, Restaurant Garden. Hungary, - Buenos Aires,Private Sculpture Garden, Argentina.
- Ingolstadt City, Klinikum Park, -Katzow,Museum of Modem Art, - National Park ofHannich Eisenach, Germany.
- Guilin,Museum of Modem Art "YU-ZI Paradise”, -Hebei,Sculpture Park of Contemporary Art Shijiazhuang. -Hangzhou,Park Museum of Modern Art Taiziv/an, - Municipality of Changchun, Sculpture Park, -Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall, Peking, - Jintai Art Museum, Peking, -Municipality of ZhengZhou,• Government of Bao'an District, Shenzhen City,P.R. China.
- East Coast National Scenic Area Ministry of Transportation and Communications, - Modern Art Museum,Hualien,
- North East Coast National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau Ministry of Communications, Jin Shan, Taiwan
-Open Air Sculpture Museum Rachana,-Sfna insurance Beiruth, Lebanon
-Essauira City, City Hall, OrsonWhels Plaza, Morocco. -Lattakia, Open air Museum for Contemporary Sculpture,"jeem",Kardaha, Syria
SYMPOSIA participates in more than 40 symposia in various countries
2011 1' International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Bandirma, Turkey
2010 ADISS 1' International Stone Sculpture Symposium Abu Dhabi Emirates
2007 8th China Carving Art Festival &'HanYu Cup' International Stone Carving Symposium Shenzhen P.R. China
3° International Stone Sculpture Symposium Haceppete, Ankara, Turkey
2005 World Competition Ice Sculpture, Grindelwaldt, Switzerland
2004 International sculpture Symposium 'Jeem'lattakia, Syria
2003 1 ° International Sculpture Landscape, Jin Shan, Taiwan
4° International Stone Sculpture Symposium in Morocco Essauira, Morocco
X° International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Rchana, Lebanon
2002 9° Stone Sculpture Symposium 'open air museum of Rachana, Lebanon
2001 Wood Sculpture Symposium of Kemiarvj, Finland
International Sculpture Symposium "Friendship Peace Spring", Changchun, P.R. China
International Stone Sculpture Symposium "Behveen Mountain and Sea",Hualien, Taiwan.
International Sculpture Symposium, European Academy of Communication,Bheringhen, Germany.
2000 5th International Symposium of Sculpture Obernkircher, Germany.
The West Lake International Sculpture Symposium "Hill, Water and People", Hangzhou, P.R. China
10th International Symposium of Sculpture Katzow, Germany
International Symposium of Sculpture Shijiazhuang, P.R. China
4th International Symposium of Sculpture "YL'-ZI Paradise", Guilin, P.R. China.
1995 5th Stone Sculpture Symposium (2nd Prize) Montbrison, France.
1994 First International Symposium of Sculpture "Itinerari in Eiiropa",Aquisgrana, Germany.
1993 First Sculpture Symposium "Landesganienschau'\ Ingolstadt, Germany.
General: Master Degree in Sculpture, Fine Art, Academy of Carrara, Italy. Languages knew:ltalian English and Spanish
Teacher of sculpture at national art school of Genoa, Italy
Teaching of sculptur in Catania Italy, Zurig Switzerland, at the National University, sculpture dip. Shijiazhuang,P.R.Chinarelator at the international meeting of urban and monumental sculpture, Damascus, AliMoustapha Foundation, Siria.
1994/95 Art Director and Teacher of sculpture and marble's technique at the International Stage “Carrara Marble Artists1999 to 2001 Art Director of the Mountain Community (ValFontanabuona), Director of the international Campus of Sculpture La PietraNera, Genova, 2011 2012 Art Director and organizer at 1° and 2° SmposiumThorphirys'Trento Italy.